Female-Owned + Operated

In a traditionally male-dominated industry like ours, it’s rare to see female leaders standing at the helm of pest control operations.

But for our team at Pest-End, it’s part of who we are—and who we hope to be in the future.

Every day, our dedicated female leaders prove that “dirty jobs” were never really just for men. We’re balancing the scales of gender representation in pest control one day at a time and are proud of it—because every industry has a place for strong, hard-working women!

The Fearless Females of Pest-End


Nancy Carace

Former Owner & President

In 1986, Nancy and her husband, Andy, purchased Pest-End and started a legacy of quality, compassionate service in pest control that stands strong after nearly four decades.

Nancy’s official title was President of Pest-End—but her role in the company encompassed so much more than that. She was also our resident technological ambassador, making new technology a priority to lead Pest-End directly to the future of pest control. It wasn’t out of the ordinary, either, for Nancy to hop on the phone to field customer calls alongside our technicians and get to the bottom of their pest woes.

Committed, determined, and unapologetic, Nancy not only paved the way for Pest-End’s success in the New England pest control industry—she carved a path for more hard-working women to pursue careers in stereotypically masculine roles.

“It sure was different 35 years ago,” Nancy said of her experience in pest control. “I guess it was difficult dealing with some people who wouldn’t take you seriously in business, or they would say, ‘Can you have Andy give me a call?’ I didn’t put up with that long.”

“It took two amazing women to take over my role. Today, I am beyond blessed to have Amanda and Courtney steering the ship alongside Adam.”


Amanda Forrestall

Chief Financial Officer

Amanda knew from a young age that occupying leadership roles in male-dominated industries were never out of reach for women. She grew up watching her mom, Nancy, do exactly that!

She did, however, recognize that women have their work cut out for them in that respect. “I remember going to training seminars and conferences with my dad and counting, on one hand, the other females in the room.”

As CFO of Pest-End, Amanda wants to see that trend shift and encourage women to consider careers in pest management. In fact, she already sees the benefits of having more equal gender representation in pest control.


Courtney Carace

Chief Operating Officer

Pest-End’s “Leader In-Law” Coutney is the current owner and COO alongside her husband, Adam, and sister-in-law, Amanda.

With over a decade of experience as a pest management professional, she can attest to the industry’s prior status as a “boys’ club”—but also that it continues to grow and evolve over time with its inclusivity.

“When I first began attending education seminars in my early twenties to maintain my pesticide licenses, I was one of a handful of women in the room,” said Courtney of her start in pest control. “Now, ten years later, there are far more women present and engaged in the classes.”

At Pest-End, Courtney makes it her mission to not just witness that progress in action, but to play an active role in it. She supports efforts by state, regional, and national pest control associations to celebrate the contributions of women in the industry—and ensures those sentiments are expressed every day at Pest-End.

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