Squirrel-Proof Your Home Or Business

Squirrels are everywhere—and in New England, that’s not an exaggeration in the slightest. 

With four prominent species of squirrel native to the Northeast—the ever-present Eastern gray squirrel, the red squirrel, and the agile northern and southern flying squirrels—residents of Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire are treated to their fair share of squirrel sightings every day—regardless of the season.

Most of the time, we coexist with these fluffy-tailed critters pretty seamlessly. Other times, the squirrels get bold and find themselves in places they shouldn’t be: scampering around attics, chewing up electrical wires, scratching through insulation, and more. The damage they’re capable of can be significant—and costly.

When squirrels wander where they shouldn’t, we’ll chase after them until they’re all the way back where they belong.

Why Squirrels Make The Worst Roommates

They’re Not Great With Boundaries

Squirrels are not exactly respectful of your space. Whether they are looking for food, shelter, or warmth, they’ll weasel their way indoors wherever they can find an entry point. That includes edges of or gaps in roofs, soffits, walls, and vents, as well as chimneys and plumbing mats. Did you know that they can squeeze through holes as small as a golf ball?

Wherever squirrels go, damage is sure to follow. They’re notorious chewers and aren’t picky about the materials they gnaw on. They’ll even chew holes in siding and wood to find a way into your home or business!

Squirrels Noisy & Unhygienic

Luckily for us, squirrels aren't the stealthiest pests. When they enter your property, you’ll know they’re there—chances are you’ll hear them scratching and scampering around. In fact, flying squirrel activity is reported to sound like partying coming from your attic, noisy and hard to ignore all night long!

Not long after they take up residence in your space, they’re also known to leave paths of droppings in their wake—which can be sources of nasty bacteria like leptospirosis and salmonella. 

They Could Cost You More Than Just Minor Damage

A squirrel’s need to chew can be particularly dangerous when they weasel their way to your electrical wiring. In fact, an astonishing 30,000 house fires a year can be attributed to electrical shorts caused by squirrel damage! When they chew through wires, they elevate the risk of a short circuit that could ignite surrounding material and set your home or business ablaze.

What To Do Before Squirrels Drive You Nutty

With a range of associated risks, it’s not worth it to wait a second at the first sign of a squirrel invasion. Before significant damage can be done, get in touch with the experts. With over 40 years of experience dealing with these common invaders, our wildlife specialists will see squirrels off your property and out for good. 

Squirrel Exclusion: How It Works

  1. After conducting a free inspection, we’ll identify where squirrels are hiding and locate their active entry points. 
  2. Our wildlife experts will use trapping and exclusion techniques as needed. In most cases, we’ll install one-way doors on the squirrels’ active entry points. They’ll be able to leave freely, but not to return. 
  3. Because of how common squirrels are in this region, we’ll work with you to develop a prevention strategy to keep this from becoming a recurring problem. In the event that squirrels make their way back, we will too, free of charge. Our service warranty guarantees a solution to your pest problem!

We know squirrels can leave a mess behind, which is why we also offer attic cleanout and remediation services. Our technicians will see to any damaged insulation and clean any droppings left behind., making sure the area is completely sanitized.

Keep Squirrels Where They Belong: Off Of Your Property

Being such a common (and persistent) nuisance pest, squirrels can be difficult to deter—but it's something we've been practicing for over 40 years. However, if squirrels end up making a return visit to your property after our technicians have left, we'll return, free of charge, until they're gone for good. Our service warranty guarantees an end to your pest problem!

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