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BusinessGuard HOTEL + LODGING

BusinessGuard HOTEL + LODGING

Pest Protection for New England Hotels, Motels, and Hospitality Businesses 

Pest management and prevention for hospitality businesses, backed by our leading service warranty.

Successful hospitality businesses are teeming with guests who expect at a minimum clean, safe, and pest-free accommodations. Guests are constantly on the lookout for typical lodging facility pests like bed bugs and cockroaches—but any pest encounter can result in check-outs, fewer check-ins, and the dreaded negative online review.

Our hospitality-geared pest management program is designed to control but, more importantly, prevent pest problems, so you don’t have to worry about a guest being the first to report a pest sighting (let alone on Yelp). Plus, we back up our work with our industry-leading service warranty. If any pests covered under your program return between our regular service visits, we’ll return at no additional charge.

Pest-End’s Approach Will Discreetly Control Pests for Your Business

The first thing we’ll do is draft an individualized plan for your facility’s particular needs, but for most of our hospitality clients, our service is centered around these common steps:

  • Servicing of rodent bait stations and/or mouse bait stations
  • Servicing of multi-catch traps
  • Minor exclusion for rodents
  • Servicing insect light traps
  • Inspection of insect monitors
  • Treatment of drains
  • Inspection for bed bugs
  • Maintain logbook if present

We understand that guests want a pest-free stay at your facilities, which means not even thinking about pests. When we service your hospitality facility, we won’t set traps or bait stations where they can see them if we can avoid it. It’s our job to worry about pest problems, not theirs—and ultimately not yours either.

Common Pests That Plague New England Hotels 

Your business centers around your overnight guests, who require two things that pests also love: food and water. These are the specific pests that those abundant resources attract to your New England hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast:

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Mice & rats
  • Stored product pests

Then there’s the guest no hospitality manager ever wants checking in: bed bugs. No need to worry, because we monitor for bed bugs and will handle any signs of infestation as they arise. Same goes for spiders and stinging insects—we’ll get them out and out for good. 

Commercial Pest Control Serving New England Lodging Facilities For Over 40 Years

We stay on top of the latest trends in pest control for lodging facilities, so you don’t have to. After 40-plus years in the business, we know how to keep your hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast free of pests in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maine. Your communities are our communities, and we care about our neighbors just as much as you do.

You And Your Guests Can Rest Easy With Our Industry-Leading Service Warranty

When you put your hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast in our hands, you're entrusting us with the safety and comfort of your guests and staff—and that's not a responsibility we take lightly. That's why we back our services with a warranty that guarantees the eradication of your pest invasion or we'll return, free of charge, to finish the job.

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Ready to put an end to pest problems in your business? Contact us now to schedule a complimentary inspection. 

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