Send Nuisance Birds To Roost Elsewhere

Some species of birds are called nuisances for a reason. They have a bad habit of inviting themselves onto your property to nest wherever they like—on balconies, ledges, chimneys, and other nooks and crannies within reach. 

But left unchecked, a bird infestation can become more than just annoying. The constant sound of chirping just outside your windows might be irritating, but it’s nothing compared to facing property damage and hazardous, disease-carrying droppings. 

Before it comes to that, do your home or business a favor: call in the professionals. 

Why Effective Bird Control Is Crucial

Birds Are Property Damage Multi-Taskers

Nuisance birds, when taking up residence in places they shouldn’t, can be a root cause of a range of issues. Some of their favorite nesting spots are tight, enclosed spaces. In gutters and drainage pipes, they cause backups that lead to water damage. Meanwhile, in chimneys and ventilation systems, they can block and contaminate airflow throughout your property. 

Talk About Hazardous Waste

Did you know that bird droppings are so acidic that they can corrode building materials? Their high concentration of uric acid can eat away at several different substrates, including tar-based roofing, stone, and metal. The risks don’t stop there, either. Bird droppings have also been known to harbor parasites, bacteria, and fungal agents. 

The Longer They Stay, The Harsher The Damage

Unless you’re in the business of running an aviary, you need to actively address any bird problems—big or small—as soon as they arise. From dislodged roof tiles to blocked gutters, nuisance birds left to their own devices can leave a mark. The longer they’re allowed to take over, the trickier it is to give them the boot before making a mess of your home or business. 

Keep A Bird’s-Eye Out For These Common Culprits

  • Pigeons—They’re reputation precedes these nuisance birds. Pigeons are as brazen as birds can get—and capable of growing up to about a foot long. Consider them the biggest (& in terms of diseases, baddest) of the nuisance species.
  • Common Crows—Despite their dark look, crows are really social butterflies. They thrive in large groups, both of other crows and people. Unfortunately, that means that wherever you are, they’re likely to follow—and eat whatever they can get their beaks on. 
  • House Sparrows—Not to be confused with bona fide sparrows, these half-foot long birds are often found wreaking havoc on gardens—and displacing the harmless songbirds that get in their way.
  • Common Starlings—They might sound adorably harmless, but their ability to nest in large numbers makes them difficult to handle once they’ve taken up residence on your property. 
  • Gulls—These nuisance birds haunt coastal areas, and where they congregate, damage is sure to follow—they peck at roofs, remove insulation, and can cause particular harm to polyurethane material (commonly used on boat hulls).

Three Keys to Bird Control: Inspect, Remove, Deter

  1. The first step to ridding your property of invasive birds is to identify which of the nuisance New England species we’re dealing with. Before taking action, our licensed wildlife professionals will identify which ones we have on our hands.
  2. Next, we’ll go to work to remove birds and their nests, cleaning and sanitizing as we go and using exclusion techniques as needed (i.e. installing one-way exits to help get them out and stay out). 
  3. Once the area has been cleared completely of unwanted flying foes, we’ll devise a plan for making your property less cozy to the birds that have been calling it home using humane deterrents.

The damage that nuisance birds cause to homes and buildings racks up millions of dollars each year in the US. When it comes to keeping them away (and away for good), our technicians use reliable structural solutions by Bird Barrier® to deter any winged pests from taking advantage of your property.

Don’t Let Birds Be A Burden

Nuisance birds are certainly persistent. But in the event that any make it back to your home to try to make it their own, we’ll be there. Our service warranty guarantees that we rid your home of pests for good—or be there to help until the job is done. 

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