ExclusionPro Home Systems

ExclusionPro Home Systems

ExclusionPro Home Systems

A Permanent And Natural Solution To Wildlife And Rodent Problems

New England is known for its ever-changing weather. But rain or shine, hot or cold, there’s one thing you can always count on in our region no matter the season: rodents and wildlife will take advantage of any entrance to your home they can find.

From squirrels and bats to mice and rodents, New England homeowners are up against a roster of critters all year-round. Once they’re inside your home, it’s a process to get them back out again—and the structural damage that can occur in the meantime can be costly to repair.

After 40 years of defending homes against wildlife and pests, we know that the best strategy for nuisance pest and wildlife control starts here: at prevention. With our structure-based and chemical-free solutions, ExclusionPro Home Systems will fortify your home against wildlife and rodent invaders, permanently.

Arm Your Home With Permanent Barriers

Nuisance rodent and wildlife pests are crafty. They’ll turn minor weaknesses in your home’s structure into the perfect entrances. From there, they’ll come and go as they please—and create an opening for other wildlife to wander their way in, too. 

That’s why we created ExclusionPro Home Systems: to tackle any structural compromises in your home and reinforce them before you have a full-blown pest invasion on your hands. 

Pest Control Minus The Pesticides

ExclusionPro Home Systems is an all-natural, structural pest control solution. Our goal is to seal off potential pest entrances around your home using durable wildlife barriers. Once installed around your home, these barriers prevent pest entry before it happens—no chemicals or pesticides required!

How We Pest-Proof Your Home

  • Inspect: Our licensed wildlife specialists will examine your home, note where potential pest entrances may be, and recommend next steps for the ultimate pest prevention.
  • Install: We’ll reinforce your home’s exterior with sturdy, discreet wildlife barriers to close off any existing pest entrances—and prevent wildlife from creating their own in the future. 
  • Review: To ensure our barriers are doing their job, we’ll return for an annual re-inspection and fix any breaks or damage in your wildlife shields.

Permanent Pest Solutions From The Ground Up

Top-to-bottom pest protection for your home starts here. ExclusionPro Home Systems is available in tiers—so we can customize our solutions depending on which areas in your home need the most support.

ExclusionPro Foundation

Groundhogs, moles, voles, raccoons and other ground-dwelling nuisances can make quick work of low-to-the-ground structures and burrow their way through your property. This package addresses what could be low-hanging fruit for pests, including sheds, decks, and bulkhead entrances.

Base Level

This package keeps your home’s first floor armed against common pests like rats, mice, squirrels, and more. We’ll examine your windows and main entrances for any gaps and secure them with sturdy wildlife barriers. 

Upper Level

Your roof and upper windows can be vulnerable spots—perfect for high-flying pests and climbing critters to take advantage of. This package includes protection for those high-to-reach areas to deter squirrels, bats, and more.

Reinforce Your Home Against New England’s Common Invaders

ExclusionPro Home Systems was created to arm home’s with a structural seal that safely and effectively keeps out some of the most common pests in the region, including:

  • Bats
  • Flying squirrels
  • Mice & rats
  • Raccoons
  • Red & gray squirrels

Defend Your Home From Pests All Year Long

We’ll arm your home with barriers to keep nuisance wildlife where they belong—but in the event that pests invite themselves over for another visit, we’ll be there. Our service warranty guarantees that we see your pests out for good. We’ll return, free of charge, until your home is pest-free once again.

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