Are You Prepared for the Worst Summer Pests?

Are You Prepared for the Worst Summer Pests?

Summer sure is a perfect time of the year. The days are longer, the weather nearly perfect, and everything seems fresh and new, especially after the anxiety of the last year of the pandemic. Unfortunately, with the good, comes the bad. The bad comes in the form of summer pests. From mosquitoes to stinging insects and buzzing flies, these pests can come in droves and can ruin what should arguably be the best season of the year here in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.Summer is meant for outdoor fun in the yard, cooking around the grill, and spending time with family and friends. Nothing can ruin that faster than an annoying mosquito, fly, or aggressive bee. How can you prepare your patio, yard, and yourself from the onslaught of these nuisance and sometimes painful pests? Read on for our suggestions on how you can prevent a sting or bite from destroying your peaceful outdoor time.



Mosquitoes are not only a huge nuisance pest during the summer months for people who enjoy gardening, entertaining, or just being outside, but they can also infect humans with a number of pathogens that cause diseases. West Nile, Malaria, Yellow fever, Dengue, and most recently the Zika virus are all caused by mosquito bites.Preventing mosquito bites should be a top priority for homeowners who want to enjoy a little outside time without the buzzing and avoiding of these insects at your next party.Here are a few suggestions to prevent your outside time from being interrupted by mosquitoes.

  • Have your property treated for both ticks and mosquitoes. Pest-End offers several different treatment plans including: event specific plans in case you are holding a party or outdoor event, regular treatment plans, maximized plans, and organic options for your yard.
  • Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds by removing standing water in your yard.
  • Clean out your gutters of organic debris where mosquitoes can breed and multiply. Our SkyVac Gutter cleaning services can efficiently remove any dirt, debris and standing water from your clogged gutters.
  • Protect yourself with repellent, long sleeved clothing, and try to avoid peak mosquito times such as dan and dusk.
  • Be aware of high risk areas for mosquitoes.

Stinging Insects

Our region has quite the array of stinging insects such as yellow jackets, wasps, hornets, and other aggressive types of bees. If you notice a hive in a tree or hanging from an eave of your home, do not try to remove it yourself. Instead, call in a professional who can safely remove the hive and make your entertaining area safe again.While stinging insects such as the bee species we mentioned above, tend to peak in the month of August, they do make themselves known during the earlier summer months when they are busy building their nests. Do not try to remove or spray the nests on your own as that is when these species tend to get highly aggressive and will sting anything that threatens them.

house fly


From Green Heads to House Flies, there is nothing more painful than a fly bite. Along with being annoying while you are cooking or trying to relax with friends or family, flies can transmit some diseases (as they enjoy landing on pet feces and decaying foods.)Counteract these extremely fast reproducers from becoming a huge problem by keeping your home secure with window screens that are in good repair, kitchens that are clean and disinfected, and garbage that is sealed and covered. These steps can reduce the likelihood that your home and yard will become attractive to these summer pests.For help with these three summer pests, call our team to get started on treatment or removal today.