What Are Exclusion Services for Pests?

What Are Exclusion Services for Pests?

If your home or business has regular pest issues, you may be looking for more than just a temporary fix to the problem. Exclusion services can be one possible solution to stop pests like mice, rats, bats, cockroaches, termites and even bed bugs from entering your property.Let's learn a little more about this service including: what it is, why it's important, how it's better for the environment, and how it works for homes and businesses across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.


What is Exclusion?

Exclusion services are one of the proactive pest solutions that includes inspecting a home or business for signs of infestation, tracing those signs to its source, and creating a method of excluding (or preventing) the pest from using that entry point again in the future.Many experts (and homeowners themselves) like this method because instead of trapping pests or using powerful chemicals to stop an infestation, exclusion is more of a proactive and environmentally friendly method of stopping pests before they become a problem.

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Why Is It an Important Method?

Exclusion Pro Systems are Pest-End Exterminators' more permanent solution to keeping pests out of a home or business.The importance of this type of integrated pest extermination tactic is that it is easier to prevent pests from entering a structure than rooting them out once they have infested the area.Pests can be small and sneaky, making removal harder than excluding them to begin with. If a mouse can squeeze inside a structure given an opening about the size of a dime, imagine how easily they can hide from exterminators.Also of important note is the fact that exclusion usually involves a mechanical device or covering of an opening such as a soffit, utility opening, or vent. It does not include harsh chemicals. Thus it is safer for the environment all around.

How It Works

Pest exclusion can work in places like hospitals, schools, warehouses, and even your home. Our team begins this service by inspecting the area where pests should be excluded. We examine areas where siding meets, vents exhaust air, utility pipes meet the outside of the structure, and countless other areas where the structure could have holes, or cracks for pests to find entry.During this inspection, we identify the most common areas where pests could find entry into a home or business. From there, we make a plan of action of how we will exclude pests using both industry leading materials and some that we custom fabricate for our clients. Here is one example of excluding pests from a utility feature.The Exclusion Pro system is meant to keep your property free of pests that could become a hazard to your family or business. If you are looking for a permanent, humane solution to your vertebrate pest problem with little environmental impact, contact us today for a no-strings attached free inspection!