Why Are Rodent Populations Increasing?

Why Are Rodent Populations Increasing?

The fall and winter months are the peak seasons for mice and rats to find their way into residential homes and businesses alike. For the last three winters, researchers have noticed an uptick in the rodent populations in the northeast region as well as across the nation. Why is this happening, and how can you protect your home from becoming invaded by these pests?


What the Statistics Tell Us

From Oregon to New York, mice and rats are increasing in number and in the likelihood that they will come in contact with humans.For example, local online reports at KEZI.com in Portland mention that Oregon has seen a 20% climb in the rodent population in just the last three years. Reform California's study has shown that California is experiencing a massive spike in its rodent population that is both measured by available data sets and observed by field-personnel. And three thousand miles away in New York City, The New York Times reports that, the infestation of rodents has expanded exponentially in recent years.

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Why Is This Happening?

Experts believe that there are two basic reasons why the rodent population is increasing.

Climate Change

One of the major reasons for the growing numbers of mice and rats includes climate change. Climate studies have shown that, in general, the average winter temperatures has been rising steadily in the United States. Specifically, in 2019, the average winter (December � February) temperature in the contiguous states was 33.4�F, more than a degree above the average. That is a trend that has continued over previous years.The warmer and less harsh winters have made the rodent lifespan longer. Cold, harsh winters naturally keep the population of these rodents in check. With the moderation of winters the populations are allowed to grow unchecked.

Land Development

More and more cities and suburbs are seeing an increase of land development and construction. These previously untouched land parcels were home to rodents. With the disturbed Earth, rodents must find new homes and places to ride out the fall and winter months. Your home may seem like a great place to ride out the cooler fall and winters. Unfortunately, your home becoming a safe haven for the winter is not the healthiest for your family.

What Can You Do To Prevent Rodent Infestations?

Given that climate change and land development are not issues you can solve on your own, finding ways to protect your home is a good start to keeping rodents out.

  • Seal all foundation holes and cracks.
  • Place mesh netting around the utility openings that enter your home such as gas pipes, dryer exhausts, and electrical boxes.
  • Practice good garbage management including keeping a locking cover on all barrels and cleaning the area regularly.
  • Trim back the vegetation from your home. This will ensure that your shrubbery does not become a bridge for rodents to use to gain access to your home.
  • Be aware of construction in your neighborhood and keep an eye out for rodent signs such as droppings, nests, gnaw marks, and grease stains.

Rodents are both damaging to residential structures as well as carry diseases. Due to this, we suggest that you hire a professional to inspect and create a treatment protocol for your home. Talk to our team today and keep your home rodent free all fall and winter.