Why You Should Call a Pro to Remove A Beehive

Why You Should Call a Pro to Remove A Beehive

Have you ever encountered a beehive around your home and thought, I can just take that down with clippers and gloves in order to stop the bees from coming around?Think again.We suggest thinking twice if you have a hive hanging from your home or from the trees around your home before you plan a do-it-yourself removal.There are several factors that should be considered before a hive is removed, first and foremost is, does the hive need to be removed? Some beehives are far enough away from home structures to not cause an issue. In addition, some bees, like honey bees, need saving. They are a critical part of our pollinating ecosystem.Let's take a closer look at why you should call in a professional should you discover a beehive on your property.


Bees Are Defensive Creatures

We all know that bees can pack a painful sting, but do you know why? When bees, of almost every species, sense a threat to their hive or their queen, they jump into defensive mode. Bees will release a pheromone to alert the rest of the colony to attack whatever the threat may be, whether it is wildlife nearby or a human trying to move the nest.Knowing this bee behavior, it is wise to have a professional who can wear the correct protective gear to examine your hive and remove it or transplant it to a safer zone. Bees can be relentless in their attack. Some have been known to chase a human or car for miles. Don't become that case!

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Bees Pack a Powerful Sting

First thing that comes to mind about bees is that they can produce a sting that hurts. In fact, some people are allergic to bee venom. Even if a person is not known to be allergic, stings by a large swarm can cause an overload of the immune system and anaphylactic shock may occur. This situation could be life threatening and worth a call to a professional to remove the beehives on your property.

Destroying the Hive

Bees are known worldwide as one of the most important pollinators. We depend on these creatures for flowers, fruits, and veggies every year. Without them our ecosystem would be out of whack completely.When homeowners attempt to remove a hive, they often do it with the intention of getting rid of the bee issue around their property. Bee professionals can carefully remove a hive without damaging the structure of the nest or killing off the bees inside that are a vital part of our natural environment.Next time you spot a nest or hive on your property call the experts at Pest-End Exterminators who will examine the hive and remove it carefully so your family can go on enjoying the outdoors without risk to yourself or the bees in question.