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Bed bugs have been preying on sleeping humans for millennia, hiding in the folds of linens and upholstery by day before emerging to feed at night—a nightmare that can become a reality for home and business owners alike.

Bed bugs are generally attracted to warm-blooded creatures but target humans specifically. Like other pests that feed on blood, they can’t resist the combination of human body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide.

These tiny terrors can live and wreak havoc on your dwellings for up to a year and multiply quickly, making them nearly impossible to eliminate without professional pest management. Professional service sooner rather than later is vital if you think you may have a bed bug problem.

What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs

The best defense against bed bugs is knowing exactly what you’re up against—and how to recognize the signs that you might not be pest-free at your home or business.

Bed bugs are hard to detect—until they're not.

Although small in size, bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. Adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed. Their small size and elusive behavior often cause this pest to go unnoticed until infestations reach significant levels or their victims have physical reactions to their bites. 

These resilient pests are great travelers.

Despite common belief, bed bugs are not a result of a sanitation issue. They are spread through travel and are referred to as “hitchhiker pests.” These tiny pests can be picked up from hotel rooms, dorm rooms, or Airbnbs and spread in public places like airports, movie theaters, or retail stores. They stow away in clothing, suitcases—any crevice they can fit. Their travel abilities know few bounds—until they come face-to-face with our technicians. 

If there is a problem, prompt control is vital.

While bed bugs don’t spread any known diseases, their bites can leave painful red marks that vary depending on the person. Whether a bed bug issue impedes a residential home or a commercial property, control and eradication success depend on early intervention followed by prevention.

While over-the-counter foggers and sprays might seem like an effective way to halt the infestation early, these products almost always make a bed bug issue worse. Sore-bought foggers tend to push bed bugs to different locations—and instead of stopping them, actually encourage them to spread farther and wider.

Experience Discreet, Fast, And Effective Control When You Need It Most 

With over 40 years of experience getting rid of bed bugs, we’re not just professionals—we’re the experts.

We stay up-to-date with the latest advancements and technology in pest treatment, leaving archaic and damaging treatment methods in the past. Gone are the days of thermal heat remediation (i.e. heating rooms to extreme temperatures!) or leaving infested furniture and clothing to landfills.

New, liquid-based treatment options are not only more effective than older strategies against bed bug infestations—they’re easier, faster, and less wasteful.

Our Bed Bug Control Process, Step-By-Step

  • Inspect: After you get in touch with your concerns, we’ll schedule a no-cost consultation and inspection courtesy of our trained professionals. 
  • Identify: We'll conduct a comprehensive inspection in search for signs of a pest infestation.
  • Treat: If we confirm signs of bed bugs, we’ll follow-up with two liquid treatments performed two weeks apart, during which your technician will inspect and treat all areas on each visit.

It’s Lights Out For Bed Bugs

After decades of pest control service, we’ve seen how crafty bed bugs can be. But in the event that they do return to wreak havoc in your home or business, we’ll return to treat your property until the job is done.

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