Fall Invaders

Fall Invaders

Fall Invaders can be more than just a nuisance

Asian Lady Beetles, Western Conifer Seed Bugs, Box Elder Bugs, Stink Bugs and Cluster Flies are all common pests classified as Fall Invaders. Each is a symptom of some conducive condition on or near your property with one thing in common. These Fall Invaders over-winter in structures in huge numbers as they seek warmth and harborage as late summer temperatures begin to drop. If you have ever seen dozens of flies around your windows, hundreds of lady beetles crawling on your ceiling, or the prehistoric looking Western Conifer Seed Bug greeting you during dinner time then you know what we mean, it can be a nuisance.

A nuisance is one thing, but hundreds or even thousands living and dying inside of your walls is another. These pests often attract a drove of other more destructive pests like dermestid beetles which can target your pantry, wool rugs, furs and other precious belongings. The best bet is to prevent them in the first place and enjoy the nuisance reduction as a side benefit!

Timely prevention is key to success

It’s right in the name, Fall Invaders are a seasonal pest issue. As late summer and early fall temperatures begin to drop, they cluster on structures and attempt to find their way in through any gap possible. That’s why we target your home or business with a season specific treatment to the exterior that is designed to greatly reduce the amount of these Fall Invaders able to enter. We use industry leading products and techniques that target utility penetrations, windows, doors, vents, and any other treatable construction gap where they may enter.

Depending on your geographic location, type of structure and conducive conditions on the property you may need multiple treatments for a successful reduction in activity. In addition to the treatment, your technician will also make recommendations to help prevent these pests in the future based on their inspection observations.

We’re Guaranteed To Send Pests Packing

When completed in a timely manner, our Fall Invader Program comes with a pest reduction guarantee: we will greatly reduce the amount of fall invading pests inside of your home or business. If activity persists, we do have multiple techniques and control measures to ensure a successful reduction.

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