These Petite Pests Are No Joke 

Solutions to prevent and control flea problems in your home.

If you live with domestic pets, you also live with the risk of fleas. Most veterinarians encourage pet owners to treat their cats and dogs year-round for fleas—but not everyone does.

Once inside your home, these parasitic insects hide on floors and in carpet, looking to feast on warm-blooded creatures—humans included. Fleas are biters and, at their worst, disease-spreaders.

Having a plan in place to prevent fleas from becoming a problem is sound logic for any pet owner. But in the event an infestation does happen, we’ll move these pests out—and keep them out.

How Tiny Pests Become A Big Problem

Fleas Are Experienced Hitchhikers

Usually, cats and dogs pick up fleas while outdoors, either from grass during an interaction with another animal, then bring them inside when they return indoors. Sometimes, fleas even hitch a ride on humans. Fleas get around by jumping more than 100 times their height to reach their host.

They Hide, Then Multiply

Fleas have narrow bodies capable of easily moving between hair follicles and carpet fibers, allowing them to avoid detection—and find a safe place to multiply. If left unchecked, a few fleas can turn to many, even before you’re aware of their presence.

Fleas Can Carry Disease

Although it’s rare these days for fleas to spread disease to humans, the possibility cannot be ruled out completely. For our history buffs, the Black Plague of the 1300s was caused by flea infested mice and rats. In fact, the plague still exists today, although it’s now treatable. Fleas can also carry flea-borne typhus, cat-scratch disease, and even tapeworms.

We’re Your Trusted Experts In Pests Big & Small 

A flea infestation is a very serious problem that can affect the health of your entire household—human and four-legged members—so control and prevention methods need to happen promptly.

We bring not only industry-leading materials and techniques to combat your flea problem, but over 40 years' worth of tried and true experience in protecting homes from pests ranging from the common to unusual.

We developed our process in homes just like yours across Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. That’s how we know it’ll work for you.

Our Flea Control Process, Step-by-Step

We identify and eradicate flea infestations and help customers prevent them from ever coming back.

  1. Identification: We’ll work with you to confirm that fleas are at the root of your pest problem and conduct an onsite inspection prior to your service if need be.
  2. Treatment: We’ll treat for both fleas—and their eggs, so they don’t come back.
  3. Prevention: For the highest level of protection and service effectiveness, our solutions will incorporate ongoing prevention to make these persistent pests a thing of the past.

For Complete Control, Choose HomeGuard Pro

To truly control fleas and most other household pests, prevention is key. HomeGuard Pro will control the existing flea activity in your home—and continue to keep fleas out all year long. HomeGuard Pro is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. The best part? With HomeGuard Pro, your home is covered from most other common household pests, too. Get full control of existing pest-pressures and insurance against the most common pest possibilities such as ants, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, and more.

We’ll Help Control & Prevent Flea Infestations

With our service warranty, we’ll guarantee to see your unwanted guests out of your home—or return until the job is done, free of charge.

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