Termites Destroy Homes, Period

Termites do more damage and cost homeowners more in repairs each year than all other household pests—combined. And with over 2,000 different species of termites around the world—40 of which are native to the US—they’re not always easy for homeowners to identify. But the silver lining here is that there’s just one primary species in New England: the Eastern Subterranean termite.

To the untrained eye, termites don’t always look like termites. They’re often mistaken for winged ants or other insects—that is, if homeowners even see them at all. Sometimes the first sign of termites isn’t the termites themselves, but the path of destruction they’ve left behind.

Mud tubes, discarded wings, or termite droppings (called “frass”) can appear long before homeowners physically lay eyes on a termite—and as with many pests, once activity is seen, the damage and infestation is already well underway.

Without Ongoing Termite Monitoring and Protection, Your Home is Vulnerable

The most common termites in New England are called Eastern Subterranean termites, and for good reason: they rarely emerge from underground or ever migrate away from their food source, wood. Here’s what you’ll need to know to stand up against these sneaky swarmers.

Termites are Experts in Stealth

Sometimes, termites don’t make themselves known until they’re disturbed and begin to swarm. This typically happens at the start of a remodeling project in a termite-infested property—long after the damage is already done. 

Be Prepared Come Swarming Season

In New England, termite swarming season happens each spring—and can be especially busy after rainfall. When temperatures grow warmer and the soil around homes thaws and moistens with spring rain, subterranean termite colonies come out of the woodwork to establish colonies, usually as close as they can get to their next meal.

They Stick Close to Food Sources

Subterranean termites prefer to stay in the moist soil near where they nest, close to their food source. They’ll gladly remain there, too—chipping away at the support structure to your home, for as long as you’ll allow it.

Our Termite Control is Backed By the Leaders at Sentricon® 

When it comes to termites, there’s really only one name in treatment and prevention: Sentricon®.

Sentricon® is the patented baiting system used around the world to protect the most important—and most valuable—properties on Earth from termites. You may be familiar with the flat green Sentricon® discs you’ll often see around the perimeter of homes and office buildings.

Sentricon® is a passive system, meaning termites come to it, so there’s no need to spray caustic chemicals or ever enter the premises when checking on the Sentricon® bait stations. 

Only trained and certified pest control technicians are allowed to install and service Sentricon® termite control systems, including Pest-End.

Trusted Experts in Termite Treatment and Prevention

We bring not only industry-leading materials and techniques to combat your termite problem, but over 40 years' worth of tried and true experience in protecting homes from pests ranging from the common to unusual.

Using Sentricon® termite protection, Pest-End protects homes just like yours from stealthy, wood-hungry termites across Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

How We Stop Termites, Step-by-Step

  • Inspect: We'll pay particular attention to the exposed wooden structures beneath your home, looking for termite tunnels and moisture problems.
  • Install: Once we identify a termite infestation or potential infestation, the next step is to install the Sentricon® termite colony elimination system.
  • Reinspect: We’ll come back at a later date to ensure the system is working.
  • Service: We’ll periodically check control stations, refilling as necessary and always keeping signs of new infestations in check. In the event that pests return after treatment, we’ll come back to show them the door again, free of charge.

For Complete Control, Choose HomeGuard Pro+ Termite

To truly control termites and most other household pests, prevention is key. HomeGuard Pro+ Termite will control the existing termite activity in and around your home—and continue to keep termites out season after season. HomeGuard Pro+ Termite is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. The best part? With HomeGuard Pro+ Termite, your home is covered from most other common household pests, too. Get full control of existing pest-pressures and insurance against the most common pest possibilities such as ants, rodents, spiders, stinging insects and more.

Make Your House A Home, Not A Termite Buffet

It’s our goal to see your termite problem gone for good. Our service warranty guarantees that we’ll eradicate pests—or return until the job is done, free of charge.

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