Premiere Level Protection From ALL Common Pests

When you want it all for your property's pest control, the only option is HomeGuard Premiere.

All year long, your New England home and yard are under siege: from ants, termites, mice, stinging insects, ticks, and more. It comes with the territory—with different sets of pests wreaking havoc on your home and yard every season. 

But for homes that need an extra set of defenses from the invaders waiting outside, there’s HomeGuard Premiere: our all-in-one pest premium level protection from all common household pests plus termite and tick control. With premium level control, this residential program gives homeowners the reassurance they need to live pest-free for the entire year.

Plus, you’ll be backed by Pest-End’s service warranty—if any pest covered by your chosen program resurfaces between our regular visits, we'll return free of charge.

What Pests Does HomeGuard Premiere Prevent?

As our most comprehensive pest prevention package for New England residents, HomeGuard Premiere checks all the boxes when it comes to the most common invaders in the region.

In the event that any of these pests return while your home is under our care, we’ll return at no extra cost to see them out—and out for good.

  • Ants — Including both nuisance species like pavement ants and structurally destructive ones like carpenter ants.
  • Fleas — Both dog fleas and cat fleas.
  • Ticks — We’ll stake out their favorite hiding places and combat them with a multi-phased approach. 
  • Roaches — Specifically, German cockroaches, the most common type found in homes.
  • Rodents — including mice and rats. 
  • Spiders — From the humble house spider to bigger, venomous species like brown recluse.
  • Stinging Insects — We’ll hit hornet, wasp, and yellowjacket nests up to 20 feet above the ground.
  • Stored Product Pests — Indianmeal moths, rice weevils, grain, drugstore and flour beetles, and many other cabinet invaders.
  • Squirrels — Including the Eastern gray squirrel, the most common type in New England.
  • Termites — Using Sentricon® Termite Control & Prevention, we’ll give these hungry pests the boot.
  • Miscellaneous — Many more common household pests and nuisance wildlife that might pose a threat to your home.

How HomeGuard Premiere Helps

Here’s how our pest control technicians and wildlife specialists keep your home pest-free all year long.

  • Ongoing control and prevention from the most common household pests including ants, spiders, roaches, wasps, hornets, and many more.
  • Ongoing monitoring for nuisance wildlife at each service visit, including mice, rats, bats, and squirrels. 
  • Comprehensive and reliable termite control and prevention backed by Sentricon®, a patented baiting system that keeps colonies under control.
  • Spider web removal, inside and out.
  • Perimeter treatment around your house  
  • Spot treatment of eaves and other needed areas.
  • Treatment of cracks, crevices, and voids.

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