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HomeGuard RODENT

HomeGuard RODENT

Put Mice and Rats in Their Place: Away From Your Home

Living in New England comes with its perks—but on the flip side, this region has no shortage of nearby critters ready to invite themselves into your home all year long. Among the most persistent of those pests: are rodents, with their penchant for stealth and taste for destruction.

That’s why we created HomeGuard Rodent—a residential pest control program that targets mice and rats that protects against these toothy little critters year-round. With over 40 years of experience, our technicians will not only show rodents the door—we’ll en they stay out, all year long.

How HomeGuard Rodent Prevents Uninvited Guests

After our initial inspection and rodent removal, we’ll arm your home with an anti-rodent barrier to keep mice and rats out. Then, we’ll monitor your property throughout the year to prevent returning rodents. If any rats or mice happen to sneak past our sturdy defenses, we’ll come back to show them out, free of charge.

Our Multi-Step Approach To Rodent Control And Prevention

Here’s how we’ll ensure your home remains rodent-free.

  • Setting control stations that target both rats and mice, and service them year-round ensuring ongoing and effective prevention.
  • Making rodent entryways exit-only by turning those portals into one-way “exclusions.”
  • Inspecting and sealing any existing entry points of your home.
  • Conducting ongoing inspections at every service visit for additional pest activity including wildlife, termites, and more.

Say Good Riddance To Rodents

When we say we’ll get rid of pests for good, we mean it. Our service warranty guarantees a solution to your pest problem—or we’ll return, free of charge, until rodents are gone for good.

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