Pests in New England, Are a Year-Round Problem

Ever-changing seasons are a given here in New England. As New Englanders, we're used to it—but so are the several species of nuisance pests that also call this region home. Each season brings out a different set of pests to defend against, from wasps during the hottest days of the year to squirrels seeking shelter in your home during the colder months.

To help homeowners combat these challenges, we created HomeGuard: our series of pest prevention programs that arm properties against pests no matter the season. Sit back, relax and leave the pest control to us—we'll keep your New England home pest-free all year long.

HomeGuard Rodent: Targeted Pest Prevention

Get rid of mice and rats, once and for all with our premium service package, and enjoy peace of mind all year long

If you have rats and mice living in your home, we’ll be glad to come show them the door. The problem is they don’t usually stay gone for long. That’s why you need a year-round program to get them out—and keep them out. Here’s how our HomeGuard Rodent program will do just that:

First, we’ll build an anti-rodent barrier around your home. Then, we’ll monitor your property throughout the year for signs of returning rodents. If any rats or mice do happen to sneak past our sturdy defenses, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. HomeGuard Rodent comes with a service warranty, which means we’ll come back to show them the door again, free of charge.

HomeGuard Pro: Targeted Multi-Pest Protection

All the protections of our HomeGuard Rodent program, plus services to eliminate and prevent more than 50 additional common New England pests

After over 40 years of servicing pest control clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, we’re experts in a lot more than just rodents. If you want to wipe out pests of every stripe throughout your home—and keep them out all year long—that’s exactly what we designed our HomeGuard Pro program to do.

Not only will you get the next-level rodent protection of our HomeGuard Rodent program, we’ll also get rid of cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, fleas—plus a wide assortment of New England’s most common pests. And just like with all our service plans, once we get the pests out, we keep them out all year long. That means if a pest problem arises in between servicing, we’ll come back and knock it out again, free of charge.

HomeGuard Pro+ Termite: Targeted Multi-Pest Protection Plus Sentricon® Termite Control

All the protections offered in our HomeGuard Pro service plan, plus the number-one name in termite protection: Sentricon®

Termites alone cause more damage and cost New England homeowners more in repairs than all other household pests combined. Although our HomeGuard Pro service plan monitors for termites, it doesn’t prevent them from attacking your home if they do appear. Using the Sentricon® system, HomeGuard Pro+ Termite not only monitors for termites—it eliminates them before their path of destruction even begins.

HomeGuard Pro+ Tick: Targeted Multi-Pest Protection Plus Tick Control

All the protections offered in our HomeGuard Pro service plan, plus effective tick treatments for your whole yard, including your property’s perimeter

Most homeowners worry about pests from the outdoors making their way inside the home, but what about the other way around? When you head out into your yard to enjoy New England’s temperate spring, summer and fall weather, odds are good you’ll have ticks waiting for you there.

Our HomeGuard Pro+ Tick pest prevention program moves the boundary of our rock-solid pest protection from the exterior of your home all the way out to the property line. Not only does HomeGuard Pro+ Tick include all the service steps of our popular HomeGuard Pro program, we’ll treat your front and back yards as well as your home’s foundation to cut down on ticks and tick bites.

Don’t Let New England’s Common Pests Wreak Havoc On Your Home

Worried about pests making a return appearance? Not on our watch. All HomeGuard packages come with our industry-leading service warranty. We guarantee to see pests out—and out for good. In the event that they do return for another uninvited visit, we’ll be there to give them the boot, free of charge.

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