All the Coverage From HomeGuard Pro, Plus the #1 Name in Termite Protection: Sentricon®

Termites alone cause more damage and bring higher repair costs to New England homeowners than all other household pests combined. Although our flagship service,  HomeGuard Pro, includes termite activity monitoring at each visit, the addition of termite control from Sentricon® gives active termite problems the knockout. HomeGuard Pro+ Termite with Sentricon® controls not only active infestations but also prevents future infestations before their path of destruction even begins.

HomeGuard Pro+ Termite starts with the next-level, comprehensive protection from the most common household pests, including mice, rats, ants, spiders, hornets, and wasps, with an added layer of termite control and prevention.

Plus, you’ll be backed by Pest-End’s service warranty—if any pest covered by your chosen program resurfaces between our regular visits, we'll return free of charge.

How Does The Sentricon® System Work?

Here’s what makes Sentricon® so effective against termites: 

  • Unlike liquid treatments, bait stations don’t lose potency over time -- no need to reapply.
  • Bait stations attract termites the moment they invade, diverting them from your home.
  • Sentricon® targets the colony and its queen, eliminating the entire colony.
  • No label restrictions around water sources or wells (unlike liquid treatments).

How Does HomeGuard Pro+ Termite Protect Against Other Pests?

Here’s everything you get with HomeGuard Pro+ Termite: 

  • Control and ongoing prevention of rats and mice.
  • Ongoing control and prevention from the most common household pests including ants, spiders, roaches, wasps, hornets, and many more.
  • Professional, licensed installation of Sentricon® termite protection system.
  • Professional, licensed monitoring of your Sentricon® system, all year long.
  • Ongoing monitoring for non covered pests such as wildlife, at each service visit.

We’ll Prevent Your Home From Becoming A Termite’s Next Meal

It’s our goal to see your termite problem gone for good. Our service warranty guarantees that we’ll eradicate pests—or return until the job is done, free of charge.

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