YardShield Mosquito and Tick Control Program Series

Five different levels of protection to fit your needs and your yard.

Mosquitoes and ticks are widely considered among the most dangerous and annoying pests. Pest-End's YardShield Mosquito and Tick series offers five different program levels to deliver the perfect option for your yard, and preferences with eco-friendly alternatives.

Targeted control to cool down hot spots in and around your yard with a population knockdown up to 90%.

YardShield stops the bite keeping you and your pets outside all season long. Plus, you’ll be backed by Pest-End’s service warranty—if any pest covered by your chosen program resurfaces between our regular visits, we'll return free of charge.

Find the Perfect Level of YardShield Protection

With five different levels of YardShield protection, we guarantee the perfect program for your yard. Each level of YardShield will keep tick populations in check, with options to add advanced levels of protection via mosquito control. Once you’ve selected the YardShield program that's right for you, mosquitoes and ticks will be a thing of the past—leaving you to enjoy your yard worry-free.

United to Beat Malaria Commitment

Did you know that when you sign up for a YardShield Pro, YardShield Max, or YardShield EcoPro program with us that you are helping to protect some of the world's most vulnerable populations from malaria? Pest-End is proud to partner with United to Beat Malaria. Each year, we donate a portion of all of our mosquito sales each year to this incredible organization. By choosing Pest-End, you not only protect your own space but also play a role in the global fight against malaria. Click here to discover more about this impactful initiative.

YardShield Tick

Targeted control every 6-8 weeks keeps tick populations in check all season long.

If ticks overrun your yard, YardShield Tick can cut down populations by up to 90%. This level focuses exclusively on controlling ticks. Our technicians use a targeted control process at proven service frequency to keep ticks in check all season long.

YardShield Pro

Full coverage from ticks and mosquitoes each month to control both pests all season long.

Get complete coverage for your yard with YardShield Pro, our standard tier for yard protection. This level targets ticks while substantially reducing mosquito populations. With a monthly service frequency during the spring and summer, you can enjoy the long summer nights, even during the height of mosquito and tick season.

YardShield Max

Maximized control every two weeks provides the strongest tick and mosquito control.

For the ultimate mosquito and tick solution, YardShield Max delivers the same multi-faceted outdoor treatments that make YardShield Pro so effective—with an enhanced service frequency to control populations even for the most challenging yards.

YardShield EcoTick:

Organic tick control each month for effective protection you can feel good about.

In the over 40 years we’ve been protecting families across New England from pests, one request we’ve heard repeatedly over the years has been for an organic solution to pest problems.

They asked, and we listened. With YardShield EcoTick, our technicians utilize state-of-the-control products that are tough on ticks—but not on the environment.

YardShield EcoPro

Organic tick and mosquito control for effective results that won't compromise your standards.

Our exclusive YardShield EcoPro service takes our standard tick and mosquito prevention tier to the organic level. This level includes a multi-faceted outdoor treatment every two weeks starting in the spring—so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about ticks, mosquitoes, or harsh chemicals.

We’ll Work Together To Control Yard Pests

Throughout the season, our experienced technicians can help you stop pests in their tracks with individualized property assessments and recommendations, including:

  • Eliminating standing water
  • Maintaining grass and shrubs
  • Plant mosquito-repelling vegetation
  • Installing insect trappers or zappers

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