Put an End to Their Parade

Ant species show up at your door in various shapes and sizes. But they all have one thing in common—and that's persistence. Whether you’re dealing with carpenter ants, pavement ants, or odorous house ants, getting them out—and keeping them out—is an ongoing process, not a one-and-done approach.

Untreated ant infestations can continue to grow and eventually splinter off and multiply, yet some homeowners try to avoid hiring a professional and instead opt for the DIY route. 

You’ll find that products from big box stores may address an immediate ant problem, but more often than not, the ants return days later. Safe application methods of store-bought pesticides are often neglected, potentially putting people and domestic pets in danger. Let us save you the trouble of taking matters into your own hands. We'll see ants to the door with solutions you can’t find at the store.

How Ants Make a Home Inside of Yours

Ants needs two things to thrive: food and moisture.

Ants enter your home searching for food and water, which is why they often end up in your kitchen and bathrooms. Destructive carpenter ants are especially drawn to moisture in bathrooms and basements (or anywhere with a leak).

Those aren’t the only places where invading ants are known to make themselves at home, however. Invasive ants build nests throughout interior walls, in bedrooms and living rooms—even in the basement.

Outdoors, an issue is harder to spot.

Outside of your home, it’s even harder to spot the source of an ant problem. That’s part of what makes getting rid of ants so tricky. To permanently eliminate an ant colony, you must first oust the queen—but you have to find her first.

Repeat problems are no coincidence. 

You might not send invitations, but ants don’t show up at your door without good reason—they’re responding to signals from scout ants whose only job is to find food and water sources and report back to the colony. 

Uncovered food, not fully sealed food containers, food crumbs, pet food, and even food waste are all endlessly appetizing to ants—and scouts are especially good at finding them. The same goes for leaky faucets, faulty drains, and standing water. As scout ants signal it’s time for dinner and drinks, the colony mobilizes to come and get it.

The End of the Road for Ants

No matter how many ants you remove yourself, chances are, more and more will keep showing up without professional intervention.

We know because we’ve been there before. With over 40 years' worth of tried and true experience in protecting homes and businesses from even the most persistent pests, we’ve developed a process that works. 

Our Ant Control Process, Step-by-Step

  • Inspection: Your technician will look at all the typical “hot spots” on the interior and exterior of your home to figure out where and how ants are getting in. 
  • Identification: We’ll determine the species to choose the best control strategy, whether we’re dealing with carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous house ants—or something else entirely.
  • Treatment: We’ll develop and perform a treatment plan that is specific to the pest and your home.
  • Prevention: For the highest level of protection and service effectiveness, our solutions will incorporate ongoing prevention to make these persistent pests a thing of the past. 

For Complete Control, Choose HomeGuard Pro

To truly control ants, prevention is key. HomeGuard Pro will control the existing ant activity in your home—and continue to keep ants out all year long. HomeGuard Pro is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee and features full control of existing pest-pressures and insurance against the most common pest possibilities, such as fleas, spiders, stinging insects and more. Just give us a call to learn more.

Persistent Ants Are No Match For Us

It’s our goal to see your ant problem gone for good. Our service warranty guarantees that we’ll eradicate pests or return until the job is done.

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