HomeGuard PRO

HomeGuard PRO

HomeGuard PRO

Protection From the Heavy Hitters

HomeGuard Pro keeps ants, mice, spiders, hornets, wasps, and more, far away.

After over 40 years of defending homes across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine against New England pests, we’ve seen it all—and gotten smart about treating and protecting homes from all the common household pests with one easy program.

Our HomeGuard Pro service combines our years of expertise to treat and protect against the most common household pests. Plus, you’ll be backed by Pest-End’s service warranty—if any pest covered by your chosen program resurfaces between our regular visits, we'll return free of charge.

HomeGuard Pro also includes warrantied control and prevention from rodents, ants, spiders, roaches, hornets, and wasps—plus a whole lot more.

HomeGuard Pro Has You Covered From All of The Heavy Hitters

Here are some of the most common New England pests our HomeGuard Pro protects against:

  • Ants — Including both nuisance species like pavement ants and structurally destructive ones like carpenter ants.
  • Fleas — Both dog fleas and cat fleas.
  • Rodents — Including protection against mice and rats, featuring control and exclusion services also offered by HomeGuard Rodent.
  • Roaches — Specifically, German cockroaches, the most common type found in homes.
  • Spiders — From the humble house spider to bigger, venomous species like brown recluse.
  • Stinging insects — Hornet, wasp, and yellowjacket nests.
  • Miscellaneous — Many more common household pests are specifically covered, plus we’ll monitor for any pests covered by other plans. 

How Do We Ensure a Single Program Covers So Much?

Here’s the list of steps we’ll take to rid your home of pests and to make sure they stay gone all year long:

  • All of the service steps from our HomeGuard Rodent by Pest-End service plan, including control stations, exclusions, sealing points of entry and inspections.
  • Spider web removal, inside and out.
  • Perimeter treatment around your house.  
  • Spot treatment of eaves and other needed areas.
  • Treatment of cracks, crevices, and voids.
  • Visual termite inspections performed at each quarterly service. Inspect for additional pests not covered by HomeGuard Pro such as bats, squirrels and other wildlife pests.

Our Guarantee To Homeowners 

Once we certify your home is clear of active pest issues, our pest control specialists will  check back each quarter to tailor your protection for the season and their associated pest pressures. 

If a pest problem pops up between your quarterly service visits, you can rest assured we’ll knock it out again, at no additional charge. Our service warranty protects you and your home—so when we say we’ve got you covered, we mean it.

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