Reoccurring Pest Control Services For Your Home: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

There’s no gift quite like the peace of mind of a pest-free home all year long.

Reoccurring Pest Control Services For Your Home: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

It’s that time of year again. For once, we’re not talking about seasonal pests!

No, we’re talking about a different beast altogether: the busiest shopping season of the year. Whether you’re braving crowds at the mall or researching the best online deals from home, we’re thinking of you this holiday season—and you deserve to think of yourself, too.

So, while you’re shopping for others this holiday season, why not get a little something for you and your loved ones? Something unique, useful, and with the reassurance that you’ll all spend the new year 100% pest-free.

HomeGuard Pro makes the perfect gift—here’s why.

Protect Homes From New England’s Most Common Invaders

HomeGuard Pro is an all-in-one pest control program armed with solutions to take care of New England’s usual suspects. Think of it as over 40 years of pest prevention expertise packaged into one easy program covering a variety of pests.

Our approach to pest control consists of 4 distinct stages:

  • Inspection: examining the interior and exterior of your home to figure out where pests are getting in—and how.
  • Identification: to choose the best control strategy, we’ll determine exactly what kind of pests we’re dealing with.
  • Treatment: developing and performing a treatment plan specific to the type of pest and your home.
  • Prevention: creating a plan of action to prevent ongoing infestations and make persistent pests a thing of the past.

With HomeGuard Pro, we’ll focus on the 4th stage: Prevention. Arguably the most important stage of effective pest control, a proactive prevention strategy will be the difference between reacting to infestations as they happen and keeping the infestations from happening in the first place.

Thoughtful, functional, and with the staying power to keep your loved ones protected, our comprehensive pest control package is also a part of our referral program. That means when you join and refer a friend, you’ll each get $25 off your next service!

Meet The Pests Covered By HomeGuard Pro

For complete control, HomeGuard Pro protects against a variety of pests. Here are just some of the heavy hitters we help keep at bay:


Untreated ant infestations can continue to grow and eventually splinter off and multiply. We’ll identify any weaknesses in your interior and exterior that might make way for ants to march in—including both nuisance species like pavement ants and structurally destructive ones like carpenter ants.


A nuisance for the entire family (including your furry friends), fleas can hide in several places around the home once they find their way inside—but we come armed with tried-and-true techniques for stopping these hitchhikers in their tracks.


Put mice and rats in their place. Even the most persistent rodents are no match for our multi-step approach, which starts at initial inspection and removal before excluding and preventing rodents all year long.


German cockroaches are the most common type found in homes in our area and hard to get rid of through DIY strategies only. These resilient pests and prolific reproducers are best left to the experts—before they get inside and start multiplying.


As common as they are feared, spiders are a pest you don’t have to face alone—whether you’re protecting your home against humble house spiders or bigger, more venomous species like the brown recluse.

Stinging Pests

When left to their own devices, New England’s most common stingers can pose quite a threat to homeowners—one you definitely don’t want to take into your own hands. Before hornet, wasp, and yellowjacket nests start to form, we’ll arm your home with measures to prevent these stingers from even getting the opportunity.

For a full list of pests specifically covered by HomeGuard Pro, get in touch!

Pest Prevention Solutions Tailored To Your Home

Aside from the wide net of protection cast by HomeGuard Pro, there’s another feature that makes the program a great gift: personalization.

The best way to deal with nuisance pests is to stop them from showing up in the first place. In turn, the best prevention plans are the ones that are customized for your home. Rather than offering one-size-fits-all support, our team works closely with residents to understand their needs and develop a plan of action together.

To get started, our pest control specialists will certify that your home is clear of active pest issues. Then, we’ll return every quarter, armed with solutions suited to the needs of your home and selected to combat the associated pest pressures of each season.

For example, we’ll identify ways to prevent stinging insect infestations from happening before peak season begins as temperatures rise across New England. The same goes for all pests covered by HomeGuard Pro.

Our preventative measures include a combination of removal, exclusion, and barrier strategies. Our multi-step approach includes:

  • Rodent exclusion measures, including setting control stations for rats and mice and servicing them year-round ensuring ongoing and effective prevention.
  • Inspecting and sealing any existing entry points of your home.
  • Perimeter treatment around your house.
  • Treatment of cracks, crevices, and voids.
  • Spider web removal, inside and out.
  • Conducting ongoing inspections at every service visit for additional pest activity including wildlife, termites, and more.
  • Spot treatment of eaves and other needed areas.

Guaranteed To Get Pests Out—For Good

Our service warranty protects you and your home—so when we say we’ve got you covered, we mean it.

Say a pest problem arises between your quarterly service visits. Just get in touch and we’ll show any uninvited guests the door.

These pest control services are 100% covered by the HomeGuard Pro program. In other words, we’ll handle any arising infestations at no additional charge.

Give The Gift Of A Stress-Free Year

HomeGuard Pro is a gift that you know you and your loved ones will actually use. As the seasons change, you and your family will be protected against the most common pests that arise.

To learn more about the comprehensive protection we provide residents all year long, get in touch. In the meantime, we wish you a happy, safe, pest-free holiday season!