HomeGuard PRO+ TICK

HomeGuard PRO+ TICK

HomeGuard PRO+ TICK

All the Coverage of HomeGuard Pro, Plus Tick Control for Your Yard

Interior and exterior control for whole property pest protection in one easy program.

Most homeowners think of pests as an inside problem—that is, until they head outdoors to enjoy New England’s temperate spring, summer, and fall seasons. Front and back yards in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine all have one particularly problematic outdoor pest in common during the warmer parts and even heading into cooler times of the year—ticks.

HomeGuard Pro+ Tick extends our rock-solid pest protection from the interior of your home out to your yard. Not only does HomeGuard Pro+ Tick include all the control and prevention from the most common household pests like ants, spiders, roaches, wasps, hornets, and more, it knocks down tick populations in your yard all season long.

Plus, you’ll be backed by Pest-End’s service warranty—if any pest covered by your chosen program resurfaces between our regular visits, we'll return free of charge.

How Does Our Tick Control Keep Populations In Check?

Here’s everything we’ll do to knock down the tick population on your property:

  • Stake out all the places ticks like to hide—grass, bushes, standing water, and other woods perimeters—using a multi-phased approach.
  • Continuous coverage throughout tick season with multiple service visits. 

What Areas Of The Yard Does HomeGuard Pro+ Tick Treat?

HomeGuard Pro+ Tick has your yard covered for all the typical hotspots, including:

  • Wood line
  • Shrubs
  • Tree bases
  • Wood piles
  • Stonewalls
  • Yard waste piles
  • Tall weeds and grass
  • Mulch beds
  • Foundations: Home and outbuildings
  • Anywhere else ticks might be hiding

We’ll Help You Stay Tick-Free All Year Long

Each of our tick control services comes with a guarantee: if pests return after treatment, we’ll come back to show them the door again, free of charge.

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